Dear green friend

How to start growing your own greens
(even when you don't have a garden)

Have organic food all year long and save $$ on your monthly grocery bill...


Grow Your Own Greens

Hey Garden God or Goddess,

Do you dream of growing your own food, but think you don’t have the space?

Do you wish you could afford more organic food?

Do you want to eat more greens, even when it is snowing outside?


Then here is the book you’ve been waiting for :)

We made it our task to help you with all the problems above, because we already know and are feeling the great benefits of eating freshly picked greens and sprouts.
It just feels so awesome to eat your own food.

Did you know that lettuce loses about half of its life force after just 20 min out of the ground?

So by the time you’ll eat it there are almost no nutrients left.
The RawfoodfamilyHi, for those of you who don’t know us, we are The RawFoodFamily. We normally live in Costa Rica, on a Permaculture farm where they grow lettuce, kale, spinach and more.

It is soooo amazing to go to the green house in the mornings and pick the greens for our green juice.

Since we know, that not everybody lives on a big farm and that normal people live in houses or flats, we wanted to find a solution for people like you, so you don’t miss the benefits of fresh greens.


Here is little sneak peek of what we’ll cover: 

-How to set up your own indoor garden
A step-by-step system to start growing your own greens without having a garden.

-How you can easily grow your own lettuce on a window shell or your balcony
So you can always boost your body and health with a delicious salad.

-We tell you how you can make your own sprouts
Sprouts are little powerhouses of nutrients: just add some  to your salads or top up your crackers.

 - How to grow kale and spinach on your balcony;
Imagine picking your greens just before you juice them or prepare your smoothies.

-How to grow your own wheat grass;
I mean do we have to say anything about the power of wheatgrass?
One small shot of wheatgrass juice contains 103 different nutrients!

-And, even how you can grow wild edibles in a pot…
Yes, there are delicious wild edibles that are the most powerful foods on earth, and you can grow them on your balcony, window shell or even in your kitchen.


Grow Your Own Greens

And here is what you’ll learn:

- Where to grow – balcony or kitchen

-How to set up your own indoor garden

-Creative pot ideas

-What soil to use

-How to make your own soil

-How to make your own fertilizer

-Exact system on how to grow 19 different greens 

-Easy water systems to water your plants – even if you grow them in your kitchen

-Whether you should use seeds or baby plants


You can look at the exact table of contents here:

Grwo Your Own Greens-Introduction
-Why grow your own greens
-Indoor, balcony or little garden
-How to set up an indoor garden
-What soil to use, and how to prepare it
-Seeds or baby plants?
-Creative Pot Ideas
-Natural Fertilizers Made Easy (and how to use them)
-How to keep the cycle going
-Water systems made easy
-Types of Greens


Grow Your Own Greens -Alfalfa sprouts
-Sunflower Sprouts


-Wheat Grass
-Barley Grass


-Garden Cress
-Upland Cress





-Lambs lettuce
-Cos lettuce
-Swiss chard



-Lamb’s Quarters
-Stinging Nettle


Strwaberry Leafes-Parsley


-Carrot (tops)
-Strawberry (leafes)

BIG POSTER!** As a useful bonus we made a printable poster of the most important greens and how to grow them**

With this book we would like to show you how to become a gardener, even without having a garden. :)
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk into your kitchen and have fresh lettuce waiting for you?

By now, you probably can’t wait to get your hands dirty and start planting :)

GROW YOUR OWN GREENSAnything I need to know to start my indoor garden.

I understand that by ordering, I will:

- receive a complete guide to growing my own greens (incl. the print-out poster!)

- be responsible for my own food

- save money on my grocery bill

- fill my body with more nutrients


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UPGRADE!The ulitmate guide to green smoothies and juices:

If you are following us on YouTube, you know that we are all about the greens. We love our daily green juices and salads.

That is why we decided to give you a complete guide by offering you the “Grow your own own greens” video guide, so you know what to actually do with your greens

In this video guide we’ll cover:

- The difference between a green smoothie and a green juice

- Benefits of green smoothies and green juice

- Differences between juices and smoothies, so you know what you need to do for yourself

- Recipes for green smoothies and green juices

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